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Toshiba's NAND Flash Deprivation Experiment Looks at the Changing Face of Photography

Photography has Come a Long Way From the Days of the Darkroom

IRVINE, Calif., October 10, 2012 — What would photography be without NAND flash? NAND flash is to photography what a food processor is to chopping vegetables – it doesn't make the act of taking pictures possible, but it sure makes it easier – and produces better results. From developing photos in a darkroom to having to manually forward through to the next picture on the roll of film, photography has come a long way over the past 25 years – thanks to NAND flash.

The latest in a series of NAND Flash Deprivation Experiment videos from Toshiba, the company that invented the technology 25 years ago, takes a humorous look at how photography has changed since the invention of flash technology. Click here to see the test subjects attempt to shoot a still life portrait with old-school cameras that use actual film.

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., (TAEC)*, a committed leader that collaborates with technology companies to create breakthrough designs, has created a series of videos to take a look at how different life would be without NAND flash. Think about it for a moment, could YOU function without it?

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