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Toshiba Asks: What Would You Do Without NAND Flash Technology?

25 Years After Inventing the Disruptive Technology, Toshiba Launches Campaign to Look at its Impact

IRVINE, Calif., May 1, 2012 — Imagine a day without your smartphone, music player, tablet, or any of your other favorite portable devices – these are examples of the scenarios that Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., (TAEC)*, a committed leader that collaborates with technology companies to create breakthrough designs, explores in its new NAND Flash Deprivation Experiment campaign. Launched to commemorate the 25 th anniversary of Toshiba's invention of NAND flash, the campaign takes a look at what happens when people are deprived of NAND flash – and all of the everyday devices they use that are enabled by it.

What is NAND Flash?

A form of non-volatile memory, NAND flash technology is low-power and extremely durable, offering high-capacity data storage with fast erase, write and read capabilities. It was named “flash” because it only took a few seconds to erase the chip – as compared to the main technology at the time, EPROMs, which took about 20 minutes to erase under an ultraviolet light.

Where is NAND Flash Now?

Since inventing the technology in 1987, Toshiba has seen the market for NAND flash memory grow by leaps and bounds. Enabling the mobility of content in today's consumer products, NAND flash has become the de facto silicon storage of choice for everything from memory cards and USB drives to solid state drives and enterprise flash arrays.

Getting the Word Out: The Campaign

Toshiba's interactive campaign that explores the impact of NAND flash features:

Supporting Quotes - Industry Analysts Chime In:

Greg Wong, Founder and Principal Analyst, Forward Insights

"NAND flash memory is the great enabler. Its form factor advantage over HDDs has enabled the era of portable digital storage – allowing consumers to carry their content with them anywhere - possible. Its performance advantage has facilitated the convergence of multiple functions – voice, e-mail, video, imaging, gaming, navigation - into one personal mobile device. And now, its cost advantage over DRAM is enabling the instantaneous accessing and sharing of content through the cloud."

Jeff Janukowicz, Research Director, IDC

"Over the last few years NAND has become the de facto standard for storage in many consumer devices. Now, NAND is on the cusp of making significant inroads into another market segment - the computing market. NAND technology is poised to change the PC experience and become a key building block for the enterprise."


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